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StingBox is a HoneyPot and more


Simple, Secure, Affordable


  1. StingBox is a Network Intrusion Alarm

                             It alerts you the moment it is ever scanned or probed.

  1. StingBox also Scans your LAN

                              mapping your local network every 5 minutes to identify unknown devices.

  1. Our StingBox Service Scans your WAN

                               checking your outer network for open ports vulnerable to attack.

  1. And StingBox is a medium touch honeypot.

                                it appears to a hacker like an unsecured server.

                                a decoy device that records a hackers keystrokes to empower you to act


StingBox operates from a cloud based dashboard,

                                 Accessible from desktop, smart phone or pad.

                                 Alerts are sent via voice, email and text.

                                 Clients can be added so you can ensure they are notified.


The most devastating hacks for businesses with proper back-ups and defenses are those where an intruder gains access and lurks inside an otherwise protected network. StingBox provides a solid Detection foundation for your “Protection, Detection, Response” security stack.


You can’t grow your business while losing customers. Whether or not a business has ignored your full recommendations for network security, they tend to blame the MSP for any security breach. 75% of businesses that suffer one fire their MSP.


The difference between an MSP that gets fired and one that is viewed as a hero is who first detects an intrusion.


StingBox provides an a simple, economical and highly effective tool to retain your status as that hero.


Every alert sent by StingBox is an inbound sales call, reminding your client that you were right and that they need the additional security stacks and services you offer.


Sales Tips for Making 7 Figure MSP Money

Use StingBox to enhance and differentiate your Security Assessments.  Leave a StingBox at the customer site and use the alerts as opportunities for additional conversations with decision makers.

Most commercial HoneyPot installations start at $5000 just for the equipment. StingBox enables you to offer more than your competition and still charge less.

Use StingBox as a way to stretch out security assessments. Think of StingBox as a 24/7/365 ongoing security assessment. A client or prospect unwilling to pay the $4000 you ask for a comprehensive security assessment might be willing to pay $350 a month for that assessment when it includes a HoneyPot and a month review for one year.

StingBox is an ideal tool for taking baby steps into becoming a Security Services Provider. And, it’s also an affordable solution for those smaller customers who simply can’t afford a full security stack, yet can’t afford to be blind to any serious network breach.

StingBox can help you build your brand. Chris Wiser has negotiated a free custom branding option for his MSPs on orders of just 5 StingBoxes. 

And finally, one path to grow your business is to extend your services to include workers at home. StingBox combined with a back-up and antivirus stack provide a client business network with a perimeter of protection and detection that can alert you and your clients to problems before they reach critical systems at the main office.


StingBox is a tool your clients will happily pay for that you will instantly make a profit on that will provide you as their MSP with a high level of assurance that you will be the one to detect any network breach.

If you are an MSP that is new to introducing security as a service to your clients, then StingBox is practically a security product with training wheels. It’s emotionally satisfying to “Sting” an attacker by detecting their presence. It’s comforting to have an additional tripwire that can identify both internal snoops and external intruders. It’s valuable to have visual evidence of an attack that upper management can see rather than abstract verbal descriptions or complex network log files.

Finally, StingBox is a constant risk assessment tool. Every alert is a selling opportunity. Every mistake that leads to an open port or an unauthorized machine detection or someone scanning or probing the StingBox Honeypot is proof that a client needs to implement the full stack security plan you have proposed.