Yes, in addition to the standard office network physical StingBox, we also offer a virtual version for installation on the cloud or an existing machine. We do have a few warnings. We’ve designed our physical StingBox to be the most secure device on any network. The operating system circuit board we use has been stripped to the bare essentials to reduce the chance of any future zero day hack of things like video drivers or unnecessary components. StingBox undergoes regular penetration testing and checks for updates nightly. If you plan to load StingBox on an old server, or if you don’t know how to secure a virtual machine, or if you simply get careless passwords you may put your network at risk. If you are installing on a physical office network, we urge you to install our standard physical StingBox. And if you are installing on a virtual network using StingBox Virtual, we urge you to use a reputable cloud provider, use strong passwords and follow your providers guidance on security. If you still plan to install StingBox Virtual on your own machine, we urge you to use a new machine with a minimal operating system and maintain security updates. More information on StingBox Virtual can be found here