StingBox API – Application Program Interface

Professional users who want to integrate StingBox into the their RMM may do so using our API. Documentation can be found here or on your StingBox dashboard in the Account Settings section.

Are HoneyPots Illegal?

Could my use of StingBox be deemed a form of entrapment? StingBox Honeypots are designed to be placed inside your own network. Not outside with an intent to bait anyone in.  To our knowledge, no one has ever been prosecuted for entrapping the bad guys inside their...

Can I assign StingBox a Static IP?

Yes. There are two ways to set a Static IP. If your network uses DHCP to allocate IPs: You can designate a Static IP to be assigned to StingBox using the MAC Address of your StingBox. We record the MAC address of each StingBox during provisioning and testing. You can...

Are StingBox & FireWalla Compatible?

StingBox and FireWalla are compatible 🙂 Just make sure StingBox can reach out to the web to send reports to your StingBox dashboard.