StingBox MSP Price w/Branding

All MSP StingBoxes will include one full year of service.

StingBox Evaluation
$50.00 / 1 year 

  • MSPs only. Evaluation Price.
  • Stingbox Device Included
  • HoneyPot monitoring your network 24/7
  • Alerts if an Attacker is Detected
  • Alerts for New Devices Detected on Your Network
  • Alerts for New External Network Ports Open
  • Alerts Sent via Phone, Text or Email
  • Limit 1 Evaluation Price Unit Per MSP.

No network security product can provide you with more peace of mind, at such an affordable price, than a StingBox.

Knowledge is power.

Disclaimer: StingBox is not a replacement for good firewalls, anti-virus software or good network security practices. Like any home burglar alarm, there’s no guarantee that you can catch the criminal or prevent any damage. StingBox is is designed to alert you when all those other security systems and practices have failed. StingBox simply empowers you and your team of the need to take emergency action.