Take a moment to rewatch David Stelzl’s wise and powerful advice for selling security as a service. 

But instead, this time answer each question as it relates to your own business as an MSP.  

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MSP Risk Assessment.

First Question.

What are you, as an MSP, trying to protect?

    •  How many clients can you stand to lose?
    •  How much time and money can you spend replacing lost clients?

Second Question.

Who do you think would want your clients?

    • Are you afraid that other MSPs will use Security Assessments to steal your clients?
    • What are the odds you would detect another MSP accessing your client’s network?

Third Question.

How comfortable are you that you’ll be the one who notifies your client of an attack rather than them notifying you? 

    • Will your client view you as a hero, or the one to blame?
    • How much money could you earn coordinating a security breach remediation and subsequent enhancement and reinforcement of a clients security infrastructure? 
    • How much will you lose if that heroic task falls to a client’s new MSP? 

You already know that 60% of clients who suffer a serious data breach go out of business. 

You already know that the number who fire their MSP after a serious breach is reportedly 75%.

You know how much it costs to find and close a new client. 

You know how asymmetrical the power is between an attacker and a defender. 

You know that close to 10% of businesses experience a breach each year.  

There’s almost no network that a determined hacker can’t penetrate.  This is why security assessments are so effective. They allow an MSP to switch roles and assume the power advantage of an attacker. 

StingBox is a tool your clients will happily pay for that you will instantly make a profit on that will provide you as their MSP with a high level of assurance that you will be the one to detect any network breach.

If you are an MSP that is new to introducing security as a service to your clients, then StingBox is practically a security product with training wheels. It’s emotionally satisfying to “Sting” an attacker by detecting their presence. It’s comforting to have an additional tripwire that can identify both internal snoops and external intruders. It’s valuable to have visual evidence of an attack that upper management can see rather than abstract verbal descriptions or complex network log files.

Finally, StingBox is a constant risk assessment tool. Every alert is a selling opportunity. Every mistake that leads to an open port or an unauthorized machine detection or someone scanning or probing the StingBox Honeypot is proof that a client needs to implement the full stack security plan you have proposed.