StingBox Security Vendor Pitch – Beta v1



Security Vendor Pitch

Nothing is more important than trust and ethics in the security services industry.

It’s important that I mention this before I go further, because the marketing strategy I’m about to outline below is so powerful and effective, it almost feels like we’re helping make your clients ‘an offer they can’t refuse’.

We trust that you’re not over selling your clients security services they don’t need. And we’ve actually created a security product so inexpensive and effective that that, for some clients, it may be all they need. But for most of your clients, our product will serve as a tool to demonstrate the need for more of the security services you provide, not less.

We believe StingBox is actually a powerful security services sales tool.
Not a cheap substitute for the services you provide.

So, the first thing to know about StingBox is that StingBox doesn’t compete with your existing product lines.
It complements them.

StingBox supports them. Backs them up, and, as we’ll explain below, drives more sales.

StingBox is an alarm, that when it goes off, convinces customers you were right all along about the security they need.
With StingBox on a customers network, A StingBox Alert becomes a phone call you’ll get telling you your client is probably now ready to agree to that order for the more comprehensive security system you had previously recommended.

Our goal at StingBox is to make the world a little safer by helping you make your clients world a little safer.

Some of your customers are educated consumers. They understand risk reward ratios and the need for investing in risk management. They are the ones who will invest in advance of a disaster, Investing a dollar today to avoid losing $10,000 tomorrow. But sadly, those customers are rare. The vast majority of businesses will wait until they have lost that $10,000, or more, before investing in a comprehensive security system. Sadly, by then, many will no longer have that dollar to spend.

StingBox enables you to be the hero. It enables you to save those 9 out of 10 businesses who wait until it’s generally too late. Stingbox alerts you and your client at just the right moment – that moment when an armed intruder has broken a window, but has not yet stolen their baby, or molested their spouse. This is the brief moment where they no longer care that much about what your security system proposal costs. They care how fast you can install it and eliminate their threat. Few clients mind giving you a little bit of the money you just saved them from losing. That StingBox alarm call is a deal maker. It’s the moment that StingBox notifies you and your client that it’s time to take action and do some serious business together.

StingBox doesn’t even compete with the next least expensive honeypot product on the market. StingBox functions are so basic and it’s price so low that its limitations aren’t even an argument against using it. They are only an argument for a client agreeing to purchase our higher priced competitors system later, after StingBox has proven the value of making that purchase.

And after they do, give that StingBox to some technically inclined 14 year old to tinker with.

It’s important here to note that StingBox not only expands your product line. It also expands your markets.

Every home office is now a branch

Every remote worker dialing into the main office network has expanded that network into their homes. The security implications of this are enormous. It means that everyone from that remote workers next door neighbor free riding on their wifi, to the kids in the other room who just plugged an unsecure GameBox into the network are now an integral part of that businesses vastly expanded and tragically unsecure network.

Companies with 50 employees that used to buy one of your products to put on their LAN, now really need to buy one for every employee. Most will not. There are simply too many holes to plug in these home networks.

But StingBox provides you with a low cost product to fill that market gap. Most businesses are not going to put an expensive firewall, isolated network, VPN or business class virus protection package into every remote workers home. But there are few financial arguments that can justify rejecting StingBox as an option. By providing clients like this with a StingBox for each remote employee, it makes them safer and it makes it easier for you to earn your money on the backend. A client that won’t agree to a comprehensive $10,000 network security system, will generally agree to a package of $10 a month StingBoxes along with an agreement to pay you your full emergency services wage per hour in the future for handling the emergencies that StingBox pops up. Ultimately, leading to the eventual sale of the comprehensive system you originally recommended.

Again, StingBox enables you to be a hero. When breaches happen, and statistically we know they will, your clients will generally agree to the systems and services they previously resisted. Your sales increase, and both they and the world are safer place as a result.

StingBox also saves you from taking the blame for security lapses that are not your fault. You can provide clients with the best security systems money can buy, but if they are lax in the area of security practices, those systems become worthless. When lax practices cause your systems to fail, few businesses blame themselves. They tend to blame you. StingBox provides a last line of defense. It’s an alarm that goes off when those other systems and practices fail to work. And it not only alerts you in time to take action, It also documents where the leak came from. It’s good to be able to to explain to a client that the breach to their system did not come thru your $10,000 firewall, but rather it was the temp they hired who compromised their computer by loading a trojan horse thru a video game.

A StingBox is so inexpensive, it’s cheaper than what you probably pay in Google or Facebook advertising to generate a motivated buyer sales lead. You could almost literally save money by giving StingBoxes away for free to your most desirable prospects.

Finally, StingBox saves you labor. Of course you could manually do the basic scans that StingBox does. But you literally can’t pay your lowest paid employee to do these things cheaper than a StingBox. If you are paying yourself or your employees more than minimum wage, they probably can’t perform the network scan and monitoring tasks that StingBox does cheaper or quicker. Your time and theirs is far better spent out making more sales or just enjoying your life. And StingBox doesn’t preform these once a month. StingBox works 24/7 and then calls you the moment it spots any problem. Ideally, so you can fix them at your full hourly rate.

CyberCrime is estimated to cost as much as $6 Trillion dollars this year.
That cost represents an obscene disruption to the economy that would otherwise gone to working families to put food on their tables, to provide education and healthcare, and to enable the minimal levels of prosperity that provide the foundation necessary for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When businesses ignore real security threats, they empower and fund cybercriminals. The world is now awash with an army of these hackers, thieves and burglars who are each being funded by individuals and businesses that fail to heed your warnings and make what are often catastrophically bad choices about how much protection they really need.

StingBox is here to help you change that.
Let’s do well, by doing something good.