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An initial order of 5 units qualifies verified security professionals for free branding and ongoing professional wholesale pricing.

Custom WhiteLabel Units
StingBox Wholesale Yearly
$160 / year Initial Order

Additional Units
StingBox Wholesale Yearly
$160 / year Add-On Order

Add additional units to your volume order.
Single unit orders require status verification.

No network security product can provide you with more peace of mind, at such an affordable price, than a StingBox.

Knowledge is power.

Disclaimer: StingBox is not a replacement for good firewalls, anti-virus software or good network security practices. Like any home burglar alarm, there’s no guarantee that you can catch the criminal or prevent any damage. StingBox is is designed to alert you when all those other security systems and practices have failed. StingBox simply provides users with an emergency alert to empower you and your team to take emergency action.