Simple Setup

Less than 5 Minutes  

Connect Hardware

We’ve designed setup to be quick and easy.
If you make a mistake, simply disconnect your StingBox and start over.

Click any Step Below to see more detail.
Click any instruction box again to show even greater detail.

1. Connect StingBox to Your Network

Use the provided ethernet cable to plug into the back of your network router or anywhere you have an open RJ45 Jack on the network.

Click Show Me to drill down to even more detailed instructions.

2. Connect StingBox Charger to Power

Plug the charger cord into your StingBox and then plug the charger into any 110v outlet.

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3. Look for Green Lights to Verify Setup.

If your StingBox has power and is properly connected to your local network, you will see a little flashing amber light left of the Ethernet connector on your StingBox and a solid green light to the right. If your StingBox properly connected to the internet and communicating with the StingBox dashboard, you will also see a solid green light inside the StingBox that will remain lit. Look thru the vents from the ethernet connector side of the StingBox. You should see a green light on the motherboard.  

If this light is green, you can set-up your StingBox Dashboard and Alerts. If the light is flashing red, click the “Show Me” link below for guidence.

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Setup Dashboard & Alerts

Click the Log-In/Register link at and follow the instructions online. Or use the instructions below to guide you.

Once you are registered, log-in.
Than add your StingBox and then tell us where to send  alerts.

1. Register at

Register Here:

This is also where you will go to access your dashboard and view alerts.

The register link is located below the regular access log-in.

You should register using an email address that we can use to contact you.

Once registered, sign-in and add your StingBox to your account.

Then you can can add email addresses, phone numbers and SMS numbers of people you want to receive these alerts.

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2. Log-in and Add Your StingBox(s)

Log-In Here:

Then look for the arrow to add a Sting-Box to your account.

On the bottom of your StingBox you will see a sticker. Use this code to add your StingBox.

Please keep this code confidential. 
While StingBox never has access to any data on your network, it does display a detailed network map that should be kept private.

Once your StingBox, or multiple StingBoxes, have been added, you can then add email addresses, phone numbers and SMS numbers of you and/or your security team to receive these alerts.

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3. Configure your Alerts


Log-in and click on the section Manage Alert Methods

Here you can add the email addresses and phone numbers and SMS numbers of you and any security team members or Managed Service Providers you work with.

MSP’s and Security Professionals can view all the StingBoxes they monitor on a single dashboard. You can configure all alerts from a single dashboard, or they can each register and manage their own.

As always, for security, it is best to limit access to yourself and key members of your security team.

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Need more help? No problem.

StingBox is Headless, but not Mindless. We’ve built checks and debugging tools into the internal and external lights and the USB port on StingBox allows StingBox to write a complete debug file to any USB stick.

Need more help? email us