Good for Clients

Our priority is to make StingBox the highest quality security product at the lowest possible price.

Good for MSPs

Our next priority was to make StingBox the highest ROI security tool for MSPs.



Few clients will fully understand or appreciate the nature of the security stack you put in place. But most understand the simple concept of a burglar alarm. StingBox is easy to explain and easy to understand. It’s also so easy to install you could instruct any onsite employee to plug it in. Clients like what they understand and StingBox fills that need.

Grow your Per-Seat Pricing

The MSSPs that typically design and install honeypots often charge clients tens of thousands of dollars. And the devices they install generally start at about 20 times the cost of a StingBox. StingBox provides you with an easy way to compete for these higher end clients – and to win more of those contracts by providing similar service at a better price.


StingBox alerts you and your clients to problems as they are happening – not days later. The StingBox dashboard makes it easy to include key onsite personnel to receive alerts if you choose. Alerts arrive via voice, email or text. You choose who to alert and when.

Add Security to your Offering

MSPs today are looking for approaches to include more security capabilities in their offering portfolio. StingBox provides you with an easy way to add security to your offering and compete for higher end clients.

Low Cost

We’ve designed our business at StingBox to sustain pricing which makes our device and service affordable enough for even the smallest businesses for any environment (even their Work from Home employees!) We strive to be the best priced and highest quality security product in existence. 

Deploy in More Customer Environments

Every home office has become branch. And while most businesses aren’t likely to pay for expensive firewalls and routers for every workers home, offering a “Home Office Stack” that combines antivirus software along with a StingBox will enable you to expand and extend your business to cover this large pool of work-from home customers. StingBox also comes in a virtual format for cloud based networks. 

Knowledge is Power

Security hardware, software and best practices are essential, but it’s impossible and costly to prepare against every threat. StingBox complements and supports your existing network security infrastructure. In the office or home environment with our standard StingBox device, or in the cloud with StingBox Virtual.  


Build Your Brand

StingBox allows you to leave behind a white-labeled physical piece of hardware with your logo on it. (available for orders as small as 5 units). This provides a unique way to burnish your image with clients and differentiate your services from those of your competition.

MSP White Label Request

Sales Tool

StingBox is so inexpensive that it may become your highest ROI advertising tool. Some MSPs provide StingBoxes free of charge to prospects or clients to show them how often they are probed. Once they understand how important a detection component is to the security of their business, a more informed sales discussion can begin.

Adding StingBoxes to your Security Stack is a great way to grow your business and provide the best quality and service to clients. Order in quantity and we’ll white label with your logo to differentiate your business and build your brand.