Cancel Service

We’re sorry t see you go. 
Here is the process to safely cancel your StingBox Subscription and Service

Information about your network and devices may be contained on both the StingBox Dashboard and the Micro SD card in your StingBox Hardware.  Here are the steps to safely clear your account and informaion and cancel billing and service.

Step 1.  Disconnect your Stting Box Hardware and remove the Micro SD card by pressing in on it with your fingernail. Remove the Micro SD card and destroy or repurpose it.

Step 2. Notify us using the form below of your desire to discontinue service and to stop billing. Be sure to send us the StingBox Code(s) from the sticker on the bottom of your StingBox.

This will enable us to clear your StingBox Dashboard of any information about your network and cancel your subscription billing with PayPal.

Step 3. Place your StingBox Equipment in the original packaging (or your own if you no longer have it) and return it to:

StingBox Returns
Attn: Paul Williams
15354 115th Ave N
Jupiter FL 33478

StingBox Code Clear Form