To set up receiving alerts via Webhooks, you need to add the desired URL to which alerts will be sent on the “Alert Settings” page of your Dashboard

A request will be sent to the received URL every time any alert is triggered (according to the configured severity). The request will always be sent using the POST method, the body of which will contain JSON data about the alert. The request will always be sent only once, without repeats (if your server cannot process it). There are currently no restrictions on the protocol used, so you can use https or http. Here is an example of the JSON structure:

Field Detail:

  • severity: text information about the importance of the alert. The following are currently available: Info, Important, Critical
  • message: content message of alert
  • timestamp: time stamp at which the alert was triggered
  • stingbox_code: unique stingbox code
  • stingbox_name: the name of the stingbox (by default, it is equal to stingbox_code)
  • stingbox_software_version: version of the installed stingbox software
  • cef: messages in CEF format. More details can be found here