The StingBox HackerCam feature records a hackers keystrokes and then send those to you as a follow-up to the the initial alert that your StingBox HoneyPot has been probed.

To test this feature, you can pretend to be a hacker.  A typical network intruder will have run an NMap scan on your network to identify interesting targets and will see the custom hostname you have given your StingBox and that it has open ports to probe with a password cracker. Both activities that will trigger an initial StingBox Alert.

The next step would be for the hacker to SSH the StingBox. They will now know the IP address of the Stingbox.  You copy this next step using any SSH program like Putty for Windows or Termius for IOS.

You’ll enter (replace Xs with your StingBox IP address:


You’ll be prompted for a password and you can enter anything. Click enter and you will be seeing what a hacker would see who believes they have successfully gained root access to a machine on your network.

StingBox will mimic standard server responses to any standard Linux command. You can (pretend to) download a hacker kit from GitHub or type anything and hackercam will record it and send this in an alert as a link you can click to watch or share.